Mil-Spec and Specialty Materials

Our packaging design engineering staff has a unique understanding of a wide range of specialty materials that complement our manufacturing process. As a result, GPC has extensive experience producing to specific military and governmental specifications. If you have a government contract, need specialty material or require laminated boards or weather-resistant coating, we can help.

Military Grade Packaging Specifications

Military Grade

GPC is a leading supplier for military specified packaging and offer a complete line of government spec weather resistant sheets, including V3C, W5C, V11C. Water resistant liners can be manufactured and coated with repellents and adhesives. Wet strength medium that meet WPA, and MRA standards have been found to be reliable for domestic weather resistant applications.



Made with SFI-certified all natural, renewable virgin and post consumer recycled fibers, Hexacomb honeycomb is a lightweight, tough and durable packaging alternative over petroleum-based plastic products. Made of up to 40% recycled material.



If a standard corrugated box or molded container will not work for your product, GPC can design a custom, reusable plastic corrugated container that provides additional puncture resistance and stacking strength than traditional corrugated paper – and in a variety of color options. Coroplast® is waterproof, stain resistant, and can be die cut, sawn, scored, folded, drilled, stapled, spot/heat welded, glued, or fixed with nails or screws.

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