Fulfilling the packaging needs across dozens of industries

GPC has provided custom packaging solutions and engineering support for almost every industry imaginable. We remain focused on business-to-business commercial and industrial packaging. We have the unique ability to serve many Fortune 500 companies, as well as the up-and-coming small business. Below is a sample of some of the core industries we ship to on a daily basis:

Packaging for oil and Gas industry

Oil & Gas

- Crating for drill bits and oil well equipment

- Custom corrugated boxes with foam inserts;

- Export pallets

- Heavy-duty pine and hardwood bases

- Industrial packaging for valves, pipe and other related components; etc.

Packaging for automotive industry

Manufacturing / Heavy Industry / Automotive

- Single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall corrugated boxes

- Cushioned platform skids and wood bases

- Custom-engineered wood products for high weight capacity

- Pallets & crates

- Gaylord and bulk bin containers

Packaging for Defense & Aerospace industry

Defense / Aerospace

- Government board grade corrugated (W5C, V3C, V11C)

- Crates and pallets that meet government contract specifications

- Military-spec cushioning

- Other packaging products that meet all federal government specifications & requirements


 Packaging for Electronics telecommunications medical devices

Electronics / Telecommunications / Medical Devices

- Anti-static foam

- Polyethylene & polyurethane inserts

- Technically-engineered integrated packaging

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