Corrugated Products

Corrugated Products

Since 1957, GPC has established itself as one of the region’s preeminent direct manufacturers of corrugated packaging and containers. From single wall boxes to industrial grade triple wall, our customers can always rely on the highest quality, made-to-order packaging available in the marketplace – all designed and produced in-house to our customer specifications.

- High-performance single wall, double wall, and triple wall packaging

- Inserts, end-caps, partition systems and inner structural support

- Full graphic services with exceptional direct, multi-color printing

- Small, medium and high volume production runs

- Military-spec, honeycomb, corrugated plastic and other specialty board combinations

- Laminating and specialty coatings

- Licensed ISTA testing lab in-house

- CAD systems for quick prototypes and samples


Corrugated Boxes

We specialize in helping your company present your product(s) to the market in an unlimited variety of box designs and board grades. Based on your specific requirements, GPC can provide your company with a box solution that is structurally sound, cost-efficient, marketable and eco-friendly.

Triple Wall and Industrial Containers

Triple Wall Containers

We manufacture industrial grade shipping containers of all types and sizes using high performance double- and triple wall corrugated such as gaylord boxes, air freight containers, bulk storage bins. Whether palletized or shipped as a stand-alone container, GPC can build you the box that meets your specifications.

Custom Corrugated

Custom Corrugated

Structural stability inside the box protects your product from shock, shifting and vibration – the leading causes of product damage. Whether it’s a partition system, inserts or end caps, corrugated packaging can offer customers a cost-effective, recyclable option for protecting your product.

Mil-Spec and Specialty

Mil-Spec and Specialty

GPC has extensive experience producing corrugated packaging to military and government specifications. Also, if you have a government contract or need specialty material, such as Coroplast™ or honeycomb, please give us a call today to see how we can help.