Pallets & Skids

Choose from a wide variety of pallet types

Standard Wood Pallet

Standard Size Pallets

We offer many different “standard” size new-construction stringer pallets made from kiln-dried/heat-treated lumber

Oversized Wood Pallet

Over-sized Pallets & Skids

Custom-construction of over-sized and heavy duty pallets and skids, up to 20’ in length

Hardwood Pallet

Hardwood Pallets

Hardwood pallets and skids for extra heavy duty applications, milled and constructed to customer specifications

Winged Pallet

Wing Pallets

Wing pallets with overhanging deckboards; can be used for increased unit-load area and additional load-bearing capacity

Block Pallet

Block Pallets

Block pallets for 4-way entry; commonly used by multi-nationals and “big box” companies for material handling

Custom Wood Products

Custom Wood Products

Specific use or unique requirement? We build many custom wood products such as engine cradles and wood assemblies

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